29 year old female with stage 4 breast cancer responds successfully to combination therapy involving hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is considered to be one of the more aggressive types of breast cancer, and is typically treated with chemotherapy. Cancers like these that are able to rapidly grow and spread are a major concern and need to be treated with an equally aggressive solution.

This is why we are seeing more research and clinical trials utilizing combination therapies in order to help intensify the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapy in an aggressive measure to counteract these highly metastatic cancers.

This report followed a 29 year old female that was put on an aggressive combination of chemotherapy, hyperthermia therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and a ketogenic diet. The results were remarkable and “presents evidence of a complete clinical, radiological, and pathological response following a six-month treatment period using this novel combination therapy in a patient with stage IV TNBC” <view study>