t-HBOT (Targeted Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

t-HBOT is a new and emerging field in hyperbaric therapy that synergistically adds low level light therapy (LLLT) to help enhance the therapeutic benefits of hyperbaric therapy (typically m-HBOT). This procedure is gaining the interest of researchers and physicians and now being utilized in many clinical settings.

With the advent of t-HBOT, we can now focus on local areas of injuries or concerns and directly target the extra oxygen (provided through HBOT) into specific areas inside the body. This is considered to be a breakthrough in hyperbaric medicine. Let’s explain:

    • Hyperbaric therapy is a procedure that allows extra oxygen to enter inside the body. The ultimate goal is to help provide extra physiological benefits. Unfortunately, we can not direct this extra oxygen into certain areas of of the body. Instead, we just have to wait for the cumulative effects of this procedure to take place — typically, up to 40 hours of daily application is required to achieve markable physiological benefits!
    • Light Therapy provides a strong photo-biological effect inside the body by using FDA-cleared light pads. These pads are sources of high-intensity energy, and are directly placed on the skin. This provides maximum penetration inside the body. Once this energy is transferred into the body, the localized results are immediate — pain and inflammatory relief, tissue healing and improvement in blood flow, are just a few of the key benefits noted. To learn more, visit www.LSProSystems.com.

t-HBOT (a combination of HBOT and LLLT) — Since HBOT produces a high amount of oxygen to enter the blood, and LLLT provides an equally strong localized effect, the combination of both has allowed physicians and practitioners to finally target the benefits of HBOT (very quickly) to localized tissue, giving us 2 major benefits and allowing us to:

  1. Use lower pressures to effectively give a higher oxygen dose (similar to seen at higher pressures) to specific areas of tissue: “t-HBOT is a great way to help maximize the benefits of hyperbaric therapy, by targeting its effects to the areas that you want, while still utilizing lower pressures. This is why t-HBOT is now being considered to being a breakthrough in hyperbaric medicine, with its greatest implications towards m-HBOT, due to its limitations in pressure.”
  2. Limit the frequency of HBOT, often to only 1 -3 times per week. This is very significant because one of the major obstacle (and hurdles) for HBOT to overcome is the fact that it typically requires daily application of HBOT (for up to 2 months). This now allows individuals who have localized concerns to potentially be able to access HBOT in a more convenient manner, conducive to their work and high-paced lifestyle.

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