High risk diabetics may benefit from 5 day hyperbaric therapy

For Type 2 diabetics, platelet activation plays a key role in atherothrombosis (the leading cause of mortality in the Western world). These individuals are at higher risk for cardiovascular-related deaths from both strokes and heart attacks. The high levels of blood sugars can cause platelet aggregation and blood hyperviscosity.

In this study, researchers monitored platelet aggregation during a 5 day course of hyperbaric therapy (HBOT) at 2.4 ATA and observed a significant reduction in platelet aggregation parameters.

This study demonstrates that HBOT could provide diabetics another protective mechanism, as this procedure has already been shown to help sensitize insulin levels and effectively help lower blood sugar levels. Both of these mechanisms can be extremely important in helping diabetics reduce their overall cardiovascular risks and helping them to live  longer, while reducing their chance of living in a  debilitated state from some of the devastating complication of diabetes (for example strokes and heart attacks). <view study>