Hyperbaric Air at low pressures induces a 2-3 fold increase in stem cell mobilization

A new landmark study in hyperabric medicine (HBOT) shows that breathing air (21% oxygen) at 1.3 ATA of hyperbaric pressure mobilizes stem cells!

Since 2006, it became clear to us that HBOT helps the body to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration by stimulating the release of stem cells in the bone marrow What we did not know is at what pressure level this occurs at. So a team of researchers decided to try and find out and they published their results in this study.

They found that a minimal pressure level of 1.3 ATA caused a significant elevation in stem cells. Moreover, the researches did not add extra oxygen into a breathing apparatus, so the results were purely based upon pressure-alone.

This landmark study clearly demonstrates that pressure-alone can be a contributing factor to some of the remarkable benefits that have been documented with hyperabric oxygen therapy. More importantly, it shows that these potentially-contributing  benefits can be achieved at lower pressures and without the use of supplemental oxygen. <view study>