Hyperbaric oxygen improves cognitive impairment

A total of 53 patients (42 with Alzheimers disease and 11 mild cognitive impairment) were treated with a 20 day course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Each hyperbaric session consisted of 3 sequential parts; first, 20 minutes of oxygen breathing, followed by 15 minutes of breathing air, and finally 20 minutes of breathing oxygen under pressure at 1.2 ATA.

Results — One course (20 sessions) of hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly improved cognition in both Alzheimer patients and patient with Mild Cognitive impairment, with the latter having more long term benefits (> 1 month). These results are very promising for Alzheimer patients, and suggest that it is possible that multiple courses might be the solution for giving significantly longer benefits to AD patients. More research is still needed <view study>