Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Enhances Antioxidant Status Promoting Healthy Aging

Some people still think that HBOT can be harmful by causing excessive oxidative and free radical disease. This study should finally put this controversy at rest. One of the main mechanisms of action in providing HBOT is the body’s compensation and ability to increase its Natural antioxidant defences. In return, the body is more geared at handling our current influx of stressors, including dietary and environmental chemicals. All studies have demonstrated an increase in anti-oxidant protection following HBOT and this study showed the genetic changes in antioxidant levels following HBOT. Here, the gene expressions were increased and thus a considerable elevation in our antioxidant defences. Understanding the role of free radical damage its positive correlation with accelerated aging and chronic disease states, preventative HBOT may hold a key in promoting healthy aging <view study>