Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Improves Heart Function and Cardiac Performance

This study looked at the performance of the heart as they followed 31 patients, each undergoing a course of 60 hyperbaric sessions with the goal of improving cognitive performance. Of these 31 patients, 39% were diagnosed with heart disease, 94% suffered from high blood pressure, and 42% had diabetes mellitus. Most importantly, all 31 patients were screened to be asymptomatic, and did not have any symptoms of heart disease (representing the majority of the public). Researchers documented their results by using pre and post imaging of the heart through ultrasound (echocardiogram). The results were extremely favourble following the addition of 60 hyperbaric sessions; ejection fraction (EF) of the heart improved, Left ventricular end systolic volume decreased, Myocardial performance index [MPi] improved, Left ventricular [LV] global longitudinal strain increased, and apical rotation improved. This study gives hope for those individuals suffering from heart failure and systolic dysfunction and who need to improve their cardiac performance view study