Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may help Obesity

Preliminary studies in mice have confirmed potential benefits for obesity. Here in this study, they focused on diabetic obese mice that had fatty liver disease. This is a population base that is on a significant rise for humans. The mice that were given hyperbaric oxygenation therapy, had a significantly lower body weight than those of the control group. The authors concluded that HBOT has the advantage of improving obesity in patients with metabolic syndrome. The only disadvantage was greater oxidative damage that would occur in the liver. This could easily be rectified with proper dosing of oxygen and proper nutritional therapy for antioxidant protection at the time of delivery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, has already been researched for helping the diabetic population, in many ways (like wound healing, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, blood sugar control, and much more); Now, we can add metabolic syndrome to the equation <view study>