Immediate and Long-Term Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygenation in Patients with Long COVID-19

An estimated 15.1% of individuals suffer from Long Covid Syndrome (LCS) 3 months following severe SARS-CoV-2 infection, with symptoms continuing past 12 months. LCS symptoms commonly include persistent fatigue, mood swings, body pain, cognitive impairment, and ongoing respiratory problems. Other persistent symptoms can include headaches, mental disorders, gut issues, insomnia, hair loss, and smell/taste dysfunction.

Treatment options are limited to symptomatic measures, and no specific medication has been established. Previous studies have shown that just 10 sessions of HBOT at 2.4 ATA caused a statistically significant improvement of fatigue, global cognition, executive function, attention, information processing and verbal function.

In this study, 18 patients (aged 18-90) were given a short course of 10 hyperbaric sessions at 2.2 ATA and were followed up 3 months later for evaluation of LCS. The results were very promising and documented significant improvements in energy levels, physical functioning, emotional well being, social functioning and improvement in limitation of activities <view study>