L.E.D. Light Therapy is here to stay for wound healing, pain control, inflammatory acne and skin rejuvenation

This study  published by the Department of Dermatology in Kangbuk Samsung Hospital cited that if low level light therapy was delivered with an appropriate wavelength and energy density, then the potential for a significant effect exists. It was also noted that infrared light is associated with improved blood flow and neovascularization (new blood vessel growth or angiogenesis). Based on these factors, the following are the clinical applications:

  1. Accelerated wound healing, particularly non-healing wounds through collagen formation, with ‘quicker and better’ wound healing
  2. Pain and inflammation, including pain that occurs post surgery and particularly where edema and inflammation are involved and where many states of inflammation can be significantly reduced. Human patients were presented to show the benefits on treatment-resistant inflammatory disorders

L.E.D. Low Level Light Therapy “as an adjunct to conventional surgical or nonsurgical indications is an even more exciting prospect. LED-LLLT is here to stay” <view study>