Light therapy improves thyroid conditions

Low thyroid levels are a relatively common concern, and one form of this condition is due to an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland causing a medical condition known as autoimmune thyroiditis. In this study, 15 patients diagnosed with this condition and who were on thyroid medication (levothryroxine), were evaluated from in a 2 week course of light therapy (consisting of only 10 sessions of light delivered bi-weekly). To objectively document the results, ultrasounds were performed before the light therapy, and then at 30 days following. Of more clinical relevance, ALL 15 PATIENTS who were evaluated after the conclusion of the study reduced their thyroid medication levels. What was even more astounding was that 7 of those 15 who participated in this study, did NOT require any at the nine month follow up  <view study >