Reverse the signs of aging skin through hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A landmark study published in “Aging” clearly demonstrates the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin health and structural integrity for older individuals.

More specifically, the application of a 3 month hyperbaric protocol showed “significant aging modulation effects by decreasing senescent cells, inducing angiogenesis and increasing elastic fiber length and stability and collagen density.”It should be noted that skin aging is largely influenced by a lack of circulation and higher cell senescence, both of which can be counteracted with a simple course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The hyperbaric protocol comprised of 60 daily sessions, five sessions per week within a three-month period. Each session included breathing 100% oxygen by mask at 2ATA for 90 minutes with five-minute air breaks every 20 minutes. Researches used a combination of skin biopsies and other dermatological markers to document these results on a total of 13 elderly individuals (averaging 68 years of age). <view study>