STUDY REVEALS over 8100 genes affected by hyperbaric oxygen, and it is the pressure that makes all the difference.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been traditionally used for growth, repair, tissue regeneration, and overall recovery. The mechanisms by which these positive effects occur are continuously being explored and our understanding of these effects are growing vastly, and much of these benefits have been shown to occur through the regulation of gene expression in various tissues inside the body. People often wonder why we cannot just breathe pure oxygen and get the same benefits that are achieved through hyperbaric delivery. This study should put those questions at rest and clearly shows the main relevant factor in HBOT is PRESSURE and not the 100% Oxygen. Note, both are considered to be the 2 key variables in dosing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In this case, the research clearly pointed that the pressure was far more important and just breathing 100% oxygen did not have the physiological benefits that occurred when pressurized oxygen was added. More importantly, researchers in this study observed that pressurized oxygen caused an effect on over 8 thousand genes observed, within a 24 hour period of time following HBOT! <view study>