The effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in children with autism spectrum disorders

39 ASD children (35 boys, 4 girls) underwent a ’40 Hour’ intensive course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (either once daily for 8 weeks or twice daily for 4 weeks) at 1.5 ATA (60 minutes each).

The participants were then divided into two age groups: older (over 79 months) and younger (under 79 months). “In younger children under study post-therapy improvements were found for the ATEC Sociability – “Does not imitate”, ATEC Sensory/cognitive awareness – “Shows imagination”, and ATEC Health/physical/behavior – “Sound-sensitive” items. In older children improvements were noted for ATEC Health/physical/behavior – “Obsessive speech” and CARS emotional response, adaptation to change, and total score”

“The results of the present study demonstrate that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a valuable component of the comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation process in children with autism spectrum disorders.” <view study>