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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy induces brown adipose tissue making it a potential tool for metabolic disorders

Human brown adipose tissue (BAT) can be activated to increase glucose uptake and energy expenditure, making it a potential target for treating obesity and metabolic disease. Brown fat produces heat to... Read More

High risk diabetics may benefit from 5 day hyperbaric therapy

For Type 2 diabetics, platelet activation plays a key role in atherothrombosis (the leading cause of mortality in the Western world). These individuals are at higher risk for cardiovascular-related de... Read More

Hyperbaric Oxygen benefits heart function for the aging population

Obesity and diabetes are both prevalent and rapidly increasing in the aging population, leading to impairment in cardiac function. In this study, rats were given a chemical compound (D-Galactose) to a... Read More

Aging and obesity related cognitive decline restored by hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The combination of aging and obesity play major factors in the accelerated aging and degeneration of the brain. Commonly seen symptoms are characterized by problems with memory, language, thinking or ... Read More

Turn back the aging clock — Hyperbaric oxygen therapy REVERSES telomere length, a critical determinant in the aging process

Telomere length serves as a biological clock to determine our lifespan.  Every year, our telomeres (the ends of our DNA) get shorter until they finally shorten to a length that leads to our mortality... Read More
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