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Post-Exercise Hyperbaric Oxygenation Improves Recovery for Subsequent Performance

Post exercise recovery  plays an important role in the overall performance of athletes. This study evaluated the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (75 minutes at 1.3 ATA) following fatigue-inducing ex... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen for performance athletes

The application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a simple and safe one, used by many professional athletes, trainers and their physicians for quicker recovery from injuries and numerous studies ... Read More

Professional rugby players with grade 2 medial collateral ligament injury of the knee recover quicker with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

32 professional or semi-professional rugby players with grade 2 MCL injury of the knee took part of this study and the ones that were treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy reported less pain and more... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen restores mitochondrial function

A 14 day course of hyperbaric pretreatment for 14 days (once a day at 2.5 ATA) improved mitochondrial morphology and significantly increased the levels of ATP. This study shows a “restoration of mit... Read More

Effects of mild hyperbaric oxygen on osteoporosis

Bone loss is a common problem seen in the aging population, mainly due to disuse. This is also a seen in astronauts, patients that are on extended bed rests, and in people leading a sedentary lifestyl... Read More
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