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Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps the body fight solid tumors

The emergence of cancer immunotherapy has already shown some remarkable results for the treatment of solid tumors. As good as this is, patients seem to lack the ability to respond to immune checkpoint... Read More

2.0 ATA treatment protocol for radiation-induced cystitis

Hyperbaric protocols can vary in dosages, based on both pressure and time. Higher-pressure protocols are typically used in hospitals and wound care centers for radiation induced damage. These pressure... Read More

Turn back the aging clock — Hyperbaric oxygen therapy REVERSES telomere length, a critical determinant in the aging process

Telomere length serves as a biological clock to determine our lifespan.  Every year, our telomeres (the ends of our DNA) get shorter until they finally shorten to a length that leads to our mortality... Read More

The effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on late radiation tissue injury after breast cancer

“In this case-series, 67 patients who underwent HBOT for late radiation tissue injury after breast cancer reported significant improvement in pain, fibrosis, edema, and shoulder movement. The improv... Read More

Survival outcomes of metabolically supported chemotherapy combined with ketogenic diet, hyperthermia, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in advanced gastric cancer

The combination of metabolically supported chemotherapy, together with a ketogenic diet, hyperthermia and HBOT, appears to be promising in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer. <view study>... Read More
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