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Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps combat oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is associated with cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and more disease processes. Cellular adaptation to oxidative stress is critical for human survival and an important fa... Read More

Gene therapy may explain the benefits of hyperbaric therapy in the aging population

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is being utilized for a variety of health conditions, particularly those affecting the aging population. Numerous benefits have been reported, both in clinical resear... Read More

Reverse the signs of aging skin through hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A landmark study published in "Aging" clearly demonstrates the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin health and structural integrity for older individuals. More specifically, the application... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy induces brown adipose tissue making it a potential tool for metabolic disorders

Human brown adipose tissue (BAT) can be activated to increase glucose uptake and energy expenditure, making it a potential target for treating obesity and metabolic disease. Brown fat produces heat to... Read More

Alzheimer’s disease — researchers find hyperbaric oxygen reduces amyloid plaques and causes large gains in blood flow to the brain

This exciting new study shows that Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) may REVERSE dementia development by preventing the deposit of new amyloid plaques on the brain cells and even leading to the removal... Read More
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