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Hyperbaric Air at low pressures induces a 2-3 fold increase in stem cell mobilization

A new landmark study in hyperabric medicine (HBOT) shows that breathing air (21% oxygen) at 1.3 ATA of hyperbaric pressure mobilizes stem cells! Since 2006, it became clear to us that HBOT helps th... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of COVID-19 — severe cases

From Wuhan China — promising results have just been published in a preliminary report by Dr. Zhong Yangling for the treatment of 5 COVID-19 patients (2 of which were critical and 3 were severe) with... Read More

Effects of intermittent hyperbaric exposure on endurance and interval exercise performance in well-trained mice

This study was designed to clarify the mechanisms by which 1.3 ATA (ambient air) hyperbaric therapy  improves endurance and interval exercise capacities in highly trained mice. During sprint inter... Read More

Endurance performance is enhanced by intermittent hyperbaric exposure via up-regulation of proteins involved in mitochondrial biogenesis in mice

This study was focused on exercise training and evaluated the effects of 1.3 ATA (ambient air) hyperbaric exposure during the training regimen. The researchers were able to see positive changes in cel... Read More

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps 2 year old make a full recovery

A Near Drowning accident left this 2 year old girl in critical condition. After being intensively treated in the hospital, she was finally discharged 35 days following the accident, but still unrespon... Read More