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Hyperbaric oxygen effectively used in a multi-disciplinary approach for electric burn victim

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are typically used in hospitals and wound care centers at higher pressures for treatment of burn victims. In this report, a hospital in Argentina used a multi-disciplinary a... Read More

2.0 ATA treatment protocol for radiation-induced cystitis

Hyperbaric protocols can vary in dosages, based on both pressure and time. Higher-pressure protocols are typically used in hospitals and wound care centers for radiation induced damage. These pressure... Read More

1.6 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen used to successfully treat Osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Osteonecrosis is one of the 14 medically-approved conditions for using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hospitals and medical centers will typically treat this condition with daily sessions at 2.4 to 2.5 AT... Read More

A case report demonstrating the powerful effects of Hyperbaric oxygen

A 74 year old female was treated for breast cancer with radiation therapy. 13 years later, she noticed a small ulcer, and in another 12 years, she was diagnosed with late onset radiation-induced skin ... Read More

Combining Hyperbaric oxygen therapy with PRP for diabetic wounds

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and PRP are both gaining popularity in sports medicine and rehabilitation therapies and many clinics are combining both procedures to effectively enhance their therapeutic re... Read More