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Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps improve mumps virus-induced Retinitis

This case report of a 4 year old boy demonstrated both improvement and recovery in vision after being diagnosed with mumps-induced retinits <view study>... Read More

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic foot ulcers treated with a 30 session course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (2.5 ATA per 90 minute session, 5 days per week) showed improvements in diabetic retinopathy lesions and a along with... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses vision loss

A 26 year old male presented with sudden vision loss. After just 2 weeks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, his visual acuity returned to normal <view study>... Read More

Plastic Surgery gone wrong — Hyperbaric oxygen to the rescue!

Cosmetic treatments like facial fillers are gaining popularity, but not without risks. One of the more serious complications following this cosmetic procedure is blindness. A case report was presented... Read More

Mild hyperbaric therapy delays diabetes-induced cataracts

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely used for a variety of diabetes-induced conditions, particularly, but not limited, to wound healing. Its effects on diabetes-induced cataracts is still unclear. A st... Read More