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The effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in children with autism spectrum disorders

39 ASD children (35 boys, 4 girls) underwent a ’40 Hour’ intensive course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (either once daily for 8 weeks or twice daily for 4 weeks) at 1.5 ATA (60 minutes each). T... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shown to help with Autism

“Children with autism who received hyperbaric treatment at 1.3 ATA and 24% oxygen for 40 hourly sessions had significant improvements in overall functioning, receptive language, social interaction, ... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy — a safe and potentially effective treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not an FDA-approved treatment for autism, there are progressively, and exponentially, more autistic families that are seeking out hyperbaric therapy for their child... Read More

Autistic Children improve from only 10 hyperbaric oxygen sessions!

A study coming out of Thailand looked at applying 1.3ATA (low pressure hyperbaric oxygen) to autistic children. They pre-assessed them before the hyperbaric procedure and then re-evaluated them after ... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to improve autism symptoms, study shows

Over the past few years, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being used increasingly by doctors and clinicians for its off-label uses, and autism is one of the largest conditions, particularly for lower pres... Read More