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Hyperbaric Air at low pressures induces a 2-3 fold increase in stem cell mobilization

A new landmark study in hyperabric medicine (HBOT) shows that breathing air (21% oxygen) at 1.3 ATA of hyperbaric pressure mobilizes stem cells! Since 2006, it became clear to us that HBOT helps th... Read More

Low Pressure Hyperbarics improves cerebral blood flow in Firefighters with mild TBI and emotional distress

Twenty firefighters with mTBI and mild emotional distress were treated with HBO at a relatively low pressure of 1.3 atmospheres absolute for 45 min a day for 20 consecutive day. The goal of the study ... Read More

Lower-pressure Hyperbaric therapy helps improve post-op healing

This animal study used hyperbaric oxygen at 1.5 ATA as a supportive therapy following surgery. They gave 5 daily sessions following the surgical procedure. The post operative results in this hyperbari... Read More

Effects of mild hyperbaric oxygen on osteoporosis

Bone loss is a common problem seen in the aging population, mainly due to disuse. This is also a seen in astronauts, patients that are on extended bed rests, and in people leading a sedentary lifestyl... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen improves cognitive impairment

A total of 53 patients (42 with Alzheimers disease and 11 mild cognitive impairment) were treated with a 20 day course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Each hyperbaric session consisted of 3 sequentia... Read More
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