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Low Pressure Hyperbarics improves cerebral blood flow in Firefighters with mild TBI and emotional distress

Twenty firefighters with mTBI and mild emotional distress were treated with HBO at a relatively low pressure of 1.3 atmospheres absolute for 45 min a day for 20 consecutive day. The goal of the study ... Read More

Lower-pressure Hyperbaric therapy helps improve post-op healing

This animal study used hyperbaric oxygen at 1.5 ATA as a supportive therapy following surgery. They gave 5 daily sessions following the surgical procedure. The post operative results in this hyperbari... Read More

Effects of mild hyperbaric oxygen on osteoporosis

Bone loss is a common problem seen in the aging population, mainly due to disuse. This is also a seen in astronauts, patients that are on extended bed rests, and in people leading a sedentary lifestyl... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen improves cognitive impairment

A total of 53 patients (42 with Alzheimers disease and 11 mild cognitive impairment) were treated with a 20 day course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Each hyperbaric session consisted of 3 sequentia... Read More

Low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps women with fibromyalgia

This study was used to evaluate the effects of low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) on fatigue, pain, endurance and functional capacity, physical performance and cortical excitability when co... Read More
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