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Opioid Receptors shown to be part of Hyperbaric oxygen’s pain-relieving effects

Recent research has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can help alleviate pain both in acute and chronic cases. Much attention has focused on the anti-inflammatory effects of HBOT and associa... Read More

Hyperbaric Therapy reduces pain following nerve injury

This animal study induced sciatic nerve injury through chronic constriction. They measured inflammatory markers and then followed up with Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy. The results demonstrated an im... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces pain associated with inflammation

This study published in the Journal of Pain, recognizes past clinical data for the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in models of pain. Here they looked at daily application of hyperbaric oxygen... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Femoral Head Necrosis

The University of South Florida has just shown us that the application of HBOT caused significant pain relief in just 20 treatments. In addition, range of motion was also significantly improved; the d... Read More