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Endurance performance is enhanced by intermittent hyperbaric exposure via up-regulation of proteins involved in mitochondrial biogenesis in mice

This study was focused on exercise training and evaluated the effects of 1.3 ATA (ambient air) hyperbaric exposure during the training regimen. The researchers were able to see positive changes in cel... Read More

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps 2 year old make a full recovery

A Near Drowning accident left this 2 year old girl in critical condition. After being intensively treated in the hospital, she was finally discharged 35 days following the accident, but still unrespon... Read More

Low pressure hyperbaric therapy shown effective in helping metabolic syndrome and reducing cardiac risks

A new study in the Journal of atherosclerosis and thrombosis published this year shows that low pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be a very effective tool for helping those suffering from metabol... Read More

Even very slight hyperbaric pressures will produce benefits

For many years, hyperbaric pressures of only 1.04 ATA were considered to be insignificant in the hyperbaric field. Moreover, pressures as high as 1.3 ATA were considered to have no extra therapeutic v... Read More

The Debate is over — Low pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy proves its effectiveness

Major News -- A landmark study, in a mainstream and peer-reviewed hyperbaric medical journal has just been released, and it supports the use of lower pressure protocols for hyperbaric medicine. This i... Read More