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Combining Hyperbaric oxygen therapy with PRP for diabetic wounds

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and PRP are both gaining popularity in sports medicine and rehabilitation therapies and many clinics are combining both procedures to effectively enhance their therapeutic re... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for spider bites and non-healing wounds

Brown spider bites can present with major ramifications and hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used as one of the therapeutic interventions for this condition. The problem with its use is that HBOT is... Read More

Chronic wounds require a minimum of 20 hours of HBOT

A very common question is "How many hyperbaric sessions are needed?" In terms of chronic wounds, the answer normally will be "more than 20 hours", and this study supports this answer <view study>... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetic wounds

Impaired blood flow is one of the hallmarks of diabetes, leading to many severe complications, including but not limited to ulcers and open wounds. When high blood sugar is also involved in the wound ... Read More