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Mild hyperbaric therapy delays diabetes-induced cataracts

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely used for a variety of diabetes-induced conditions, particularly, but not limited, to wound healing. Its effects on diabetes-induced cataracts is still unclear. A st... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy lowers blood pressure

In an eight week study performed on rats, hyperbaric oxygen therapy effectively improved blood pressure parameters and repressed hypertension. This clinical trial used a lower pressure protocol, using... Read More

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps protect arthritic joints

During the various stages of arthritis, the joints and surrounding tissue are in constant attack from oxidation stressors and inflammatory reactions. This causes progressive damage and leads to the ma... Read More

Mold-induced cognitive deficits improve following hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Many sufferers from mold toxicity complain of cognitive deficits including: memory problems, inability to focus (brain fog), and slow reaction times. The addition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy was show... Read More

Low Pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes muscle regeneration

“Mild hyperbaric oxygen with normal air has emerged recently as an accepted complementary treatment for muscle injury in sport medicine. Furthermore, this method is gaining popularity as a home reme... Read More