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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Femoral Head Necrosis

The University of South Florida has just shown us that the application of HBOT caused significant pain relief in just 20 treatments. In addition, range of motion was also significantly improved; the d... Read More

Benefits from hyperbaric pressure alone!

This study looked at both pressure and oxygen and their effects on genetic expression. 183 genes were identified that were significantly altered through pressure and/or oxygen. Fascinatingly, more gen... Read More

STUDY REVEALS over 8100 genes affected by hyperbaric oxygen, and it is the pressure that makes all the difference.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been traditionally used for growth, repair, tissue regeneration, and overall recovery. The mechanisms by which these positive effects occur are continuously being explore... Read More

Low pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of blast-induced chronic traumatic brain injury (post-concussion syndrome) and post traumatic stress disorder

"A 25-year-old male military veteran presented with diagnoses of post concussion syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder three years after loss of consciousness from an explosion in combat" Thi... Read More

Autistic Children improve from only 10 hyperbaric oxygen sessions!

A study coming out of Thailand looked at applying 1.3ATA (low pressure hyperbaric oxygen) to autistic children. They pre-assessed them before the hyperbaric procedure and then re-evaluated them after ... Read More